Prospective Graduate Students


PhD Graduate Program Application Deadline: January 15

Areas for Graduate Specialization

Faculty Research Specializations

Photo: Kristin Barker

Kristin Barker

Sociology of Health and Medicine, Gender, Science and Knowledge

Photo: Lisa Broidy

Lisa Broidy

Crime, Law, and Social Control, Gender, Criminology

Photo: Georgiann Davis

Georgiann Davis

Sociology of Health and Medicine, Gender, Inequality

Photo: Jessica  Goodkind

Jessica Goodkind

Sociology of Health and Medicine, Race and Ethnicity, Community-based Participatory Research

Ryan Goodman

Social Movements, Education, Gender, Political Sociology, Culture

Photo: Nancy   López

Nancy López

Race and Ethnicity, Education, Gender, Community-based Participatory Research, Inequality, Latino/a Studies

Photo: Christopher Lyons

Christopher J. Lyons

Crime, Law, and Social Control, Race and Ethnicity, Deviance and Social Control

Photo: Sharon  Nepstad

Sharon Erickson Nepstad

Colin Olson

Crime, Law, and Social Control, Social Networks, Deviance and Social Control

Photo: Noah Painter-Davis

Noah Painter-Davis

Crime, Law, and Social Control, Race and Ethnicity, Quantitative Methods

Photo: Kiwoong Park

Kiwoong Park

Sociology of Health and Medicine, Quantitative Methods, Social Stratification

Photo: Daniel Ragan

Daniel Ragan

Crime, Law, and Social Control, Quantitative Methods, Social Networks

Photo: Ranita Ray

Ranita Ray

Race and Ethnicity, Education, Gender, Inequality

Photo: Reuben (Jack) Thomas

Reuben (Jack) Thomas

Social Networks

Photo: Owen  Whooley

Owen Whooley

Sociology of Health and Medicine, Social Movements, Science and Knowledge

Photo: Eli Wilson

Eli Wilson

Race and Ethnicity, Inequality, Culture

Photo: Richard Wood

Richard L. Wood

Religion, Social Movements, Global/Transnational Sociology

Photo: Assata Zerai

Assata Zerai

Sociology of Health and Medicine, Race and Ethnicity, Global/Transnational Sociology, Inequality