MA/PhD Requirements

(Revised August, 2023) 

The Sociology Department is required to conform to the general guidelines of Graduate Studies, which are presented in the UNM Catalog. Students should become familiar with the UNM Catalog. Students may continue to follow the requirements of the Catalog under which they entered, even if later editions vary, though they are free to choose to switch to the requirements of a later edition of the Catalog.

The Sociology Department offers a Ph.D. degree with an MA degree earned en route. We do not offer a separate MA terminal degree. All of our graduate students are admitted directly into the PhD program. Those who enter without an MA degree and thesis complete the required MA en route to the Ph.D.  Although students may leave the program after finishing their M.A. (or at any other point along the way), all students enter our program with the initial intent of earning the Ph.D.

To find out more about our degree program, please see our Graduate Student Resource Guide This document outlines the key requirements associated with each program milestone sociology graduate students must pass en route to their Ph.D. It also includes advice for how to best navigate each milestone and some general guidelines for student performance, professionalization, and conduct.