Recent Graduates & Alumni

Celine Ayala - PhD

2023 Spring

Dissertation Title: "The "Afro in Afrolatinidad": Examining Afrolatinx Experiences of Blackness Through an Afrolatin Critical Theory of Race"

Dissertation Committee: Nancy Lopez, Georgiann Davis, Tanya Kateri Hernandez, Ranita Ray

Florence Emily Castillo - PhD

2023 Spring

Dissertation Title: "Disrupting Whiteness in Education Organizations: Community Testimonios of Strategy, Resistance, and Perseverance in Educational Justice Organizing"

Dissertation Committee: Nancy Lopez, Nolan Cabrera, Elizabeth Korver-Glenn, Ranita Ray

Ryeora Choe - PhD

2023 Spring

Dissertation Title: "Mental Health in Transnational Contexts: Reconsidering Conceptualizations, Coping Strategies, and Racism through the Narratives of Refugees Resettled in the United States"

Dissertation Committee: Jessica Goodkind, Julia Hess, Nancy Lopez, Kamilla Venner, Owen Whooley

Erin Coleman - PhD

2023 Spring

Dissertation Title: "Title:  The longitudinal relationship between social mobilization, crime, and police behavior."

Dissertation Committee: Christopher Lyons, Steven Barkan, Sharon Nepstad, Reuben Thomas

Yuka K. Doherty - PhD

2023 Spring

Dissertation Title: "Boundaries of Citizenship: Gendered and Racialized Reproduction and Motherhood in Contemporary Japan"

Dissertation Committee: Nancy Lopez, Amy Brandzel, Lisa Park, Owen Whooley

Kasim Ortiz - PhD

2023 Spring

Dissertation Title: "The Gayborhood Was Never Here For Some of Us! Health Consequences of Racialized Exclusion Among Sexual Minorities Across the Lifecourse"

Dissertation Committee: Nancy Lopez, Jessica Goodkind, Rhonda Belue, Nina Wallerstein

Katherine Rickers - MA

2023 Spring

Thesis Title: "Thesis Title: Racial disparities among juveniles formally referred to authorities for drug related incidents in the United States."

Thesis Committee: Lisa Broidy (Chair), Christopher Lyons, Noah Painter-Davis

Abigail Thompson - MA

2023 Spring

Thesis Title: ""It’s more than just an upset stomach”: A Systematic Review of Patient Experiences with Chronic Gastrointestinal Disease and Comorbid Mental Distress. "

Thesis Committee: Kristin Barker, Georgiann Davis, Owen Whooley

Korey Tillman - PhD

2023 Spring

Dissertation Title: "The (im)mobility of being: The anti-black and colonial roots of contemporary policing"

Dissertation Committee: Ranita Ray (Chair), Vilna Bashi, Georgiann Davis, Susila Gurusami

Jon Williams - PhD

2022 Fall

Richard Neil Greene - PhD

2022 Spring

Dissertation Title: "(In) visible in the field and in the data: Uncertain, hidden, and homeless. Essays on the conceptualization of homelessness, elements of social exclusion, and integrity of social relationships, places, and resources. "

Dissertation Committee: Jessica Goodkind (Chair), Kristin Barker, Annette Crisanti, Noah Painter-Davis

Lacey Hites - MA

2022 Spring

Thesis Title: "Understanding the First-Generation College Student: A Systematic Review of Sociological Discourse on First-Generation College Students"

Thesis Committee: Nancy Lopez (Chair), Ranita Ray, Eli WIlson

Callie Dorsey - MA

2021 Fall

Preston Lowe - MA

2021 Fall

Thesis Title: "Thesis Title: Changes in Support for U.S. Black Movements, 1966-2016: From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter"

Thesis Committee: Kristin Barker (Chair), Georgiann Davis, Owen Whooley

Andrew Breidenbach - PhD

2021 Spring

Current Position: PhD Student, University of New Mexico

Alena Kuhlemeier - PhD

2021 Spring

Sofia Locklear - PhD

2021 Spring

Carmela Roybal - PhD

2021 Spring

Jimmy Valdes - PhD

2021 Spring

Marian Azab - PhD

2020 Spring

Samuel Torres - MA

2017 Fall

Thesis Title: "Thesis Title: Racial Socioeconomic Inequality, Structural Disadvantage, and Neighborhood Crime: Testing the Absolute and Relative Deprivation Perspectives"

Thesis Committee: Christohper Lyons (Chair), Noah Painter-Davis, Maria Velez

Elise Ferguson - MA

2017 Spring

Thesis Title: "Race, Socioeconomics, Intelligence, and Criminal Offending: Accounting for Variation in Criminal Justice Outcomes"

Thesis Committee: Brian Soller (chair), Christopher Lyons and Paul Guerin

Gillian Joyce - MA

2017 Summer

Thesis Title: "Agricultural and Community Issues in Taos and Local Mobilization Efforts"

Thesis Committee: Sharon Nepsted (chair), Jessica Goodkind, and Jeffrey Mitchell

Eric Turner - PhD

2017 Summer

Dissertation Title: "Mobilization and Repression in the Occupy Movement"

Dissertation Committee: Sharon Erickson Nepstad (chair), Christopher Lyons, Michael Rocca and Wayne Santoro

Cirila Estela Vasquez Guzman - PhD

2017 Summer

Dissertation Title: "A Sociological Analysis of the Cultural Competence Movement: Essays on the Conceptualization, Operationalization, and Implementation of Cultural Competence in the U.S. Medical Profession"

Dissertation Committee: Kristin Barker (chair), Jessica Goodkind, Nancy López, and Andrew Sussman

Billy Ulibarri - PhD

2015 Fall

Dissertation Title: "Human trafficking victims are everywhere and nowhere: A qualitative content analysis of the anti-human trafficking campaign in the United States, 2000-2012"

Dissertation Committee: Susan Tiano (chair); Crandall, Cameron (Dept. of Emergency Medicine) ; Lyons, Christopher; Santoro, Wayne

Danielle Albright - PhD

2015 Spring

Dissertation Title: "Public Frames and Message Cooptation in Policy Oriented Social Movements"

Dissertation Committee: Dr. Richard L. Wood (Chair), Dr. Lisa Broidy, Dr. Wayne Santoro, and Dr. Michael Rocca (Political Science)

Thomas Maestas - MA

2015 Spring

Thesis Title: "On the Widening Transfer Aspiration-Achievement Gap: Contextualizing the Transfer Intentions of Community College Students in New Mexico"

Thesis Committee: Roberto Ibarra (Chair), Bob Fiala, Nancy Lopez, and Meriah Heredia-Griego

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Kelly McCarthy - MA

2015 Spring

Thesis Title: "Racialized Sexuality: The Sexualization and Racialization of Female Video Game Characters, 1981-2012"

Thesis Committee: Nancy Lopez (Chair), Roberto Ibarra, Wayne Santoro

Elena Windsong - PhD

2015 Spring

Dissertation Title: "Neighborhood Experiences and the Co-Construction of Neighborhood, Race, and Gender: A Qualitative Study of a Middle-Class Latino-White Albuquerque Neighborhood"

Dissertation Committee: Nancy Lopez (chair), Christopher Lyons, Sharon Nepstad, and Gabriel Sanchez (PoliSci, RWJ)

Michael Muhammad - PhD

2014 Summer

Current Position: Post-Doc/University of Michigan

Dissertation Title: "Stigmatization and the Re-Articulation of Eugenic Ideology: A Study of Coded Racism in Family Planning Policy from the 1920's to the 1990's"

Dissertation Committee: Howard Waitzkin (Co-Chair), Nancy Lopez (Co-Chair), Felipe Gonzales, Tassy Parker

Jeffrey Nowacki - PhD

2014 Summer

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University

Dissertation Title: "United States v Booker and Federal Sentencing Outcomes: General, Extra-Legal, and Contextual Policy Effects"

Dissertation Committee: Lisa Broidy (Chair) Christopher Lyons, Maria Velez, Dawinder Sidhu

Christin Moreland - MA

2013 Fall

Thesis Title: "Harold Camping and May 21st, 2011: Consequences of a Failed Prophecy"

Thesis Committee: Sharon Nepstad (Chair), Richard Wood, Daniel Wolne

Sonia Bettez - PhD

2013 Spring

Current Position: Post Doc, UNM RWJF Center for Health Policy

Dissertation Title: "The Social Transformation of Health Inequities: Understanding the Discourse on Health Disparities in the United States"

Dissertation Committee: Nancy Lopez (Co-Chair), Howard Waitzkin (Co-Chair), Lisa Cacari-Stone, Laura Gomez, Jason Beckfield

Beau Thomas Hunsaker - PhD

2013 Spring

Current Position: Thunderbird School of Global Management

Dissertation Title: "Developing Degrees: An Exploratory Analysis of Laureate International Universities, 21st Century Entry in Mexico and Ecuador"

Dissertation Committee: Robert Ibarra (Chair), Robert Fiala, Susan Tiano, Douglas Thomas

Stacy Keogh - PhD

2013 Spring

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Whitworth University

Dissertation Title: "3 Simple Words: We the People: Culture, Identity, and the Contentious Politics of the Contemporary Tea Party Movement in Montana"

Dissertation Committee: Robert Fiala (Chair), Sharon Nepstad, Philip Gonzales, Bill Borrie

Tennille Marley - PhD

2013 Spring

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Dissertation Title: "Indigenous Knowledge, Land History and Health: The Construction of Diabetes on the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation"

Dissertation Committee: Robert Ibarra (Co-Chair), Howard Waitzkin (Co-Chair), Sharon Nepstad, Angela Gonzales

Anwar Ouassini - PhD

2013 Spring

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Dissertation Title: "Between Islamaphobia and the Ummah: How Spanish Moroccans are Negotiating their Identities in Post 3/11 Madrid"

Dissertation Committee: Nancy Lopez (Chair), Phillip Gonzales, Richard Wood, Alex Lubin

Benjamin Waddell - PhD

2013 Spring

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Fort Lewis College

Dissertation Title: "The Political Economy of Remittance-Led Development in Guanajuato, Mexico"

Dissertation Committee: Richard Wood (Chair), Robert Fiala, Garcia y Griego, Fontenla, Matias

Mozafar Banihashemi - PhD

2012 Fall

Current Position: Part-Time Instructor, University of New Mexico

Dissertation Title: "Shi'ite reformism versus shi'ite fundamentalism: A comparative study of shi'ite discursive practices in 20th century Iran: The cases of Khomeini and Hakamizadeh"

Dissertation Committee: Rich Wood (Chair), Patricia Risso, Andrew Schrank, Abbas Milani

Jessica Garrick - MA

2012 Fall

Thesis Title: "Transforming the Labor Movement: Immigrant Workers and the Repurposing of the National Labor Relations Act"

Thesis Committee: Andrew Schrank (Chair), Peter Evans, Wayne Santoro

Kathryn Overton - MA

2012 Fall

Thesis Title: "Whither the World Polity? A Contribution to the Study of International Organizations through Survival Analysis of OECD Accession Rates"

Thesis Committee: Robert Fiala (Chair), Susan Tiano, Richard Coughlin

Ryan Goodman - PhD

2012 Spring

Current Position: Lecturer III, UNM West

Dissertation Title: "How We Fight: Strategies at Emergence among Animal Rights and LGBTQ Rights Organizations"

Dissertation Committee: Richard Wood (Chair), John Roberts, Susan Tiano, Bert Useem

Warren Thompson - MA

2012 Spring

Thesis Title: "Evangelizing the State"

Thesis Committee: Andrew Schrank (Chair), Richard Wood, Les Field

Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar - PhD

2012 Summer

Current Position: Part-Time Instructor, University of New Mexico

Dissertation Title: "How Common Citizens Transform Politics: The Cases of Mexico and Bolivia"

Dissertation Committee: Richard Wood (Chair), Susan Tiano, Felipe Gonzales, Howard Waitzkin, Lorenzo Francisco Cosio Meyer

Dale Willits - PhD

2012 Summer

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Sociology, California State University-Bakersfield

Dissertation Title: "Situational and Individual Predictors of Violent Intentions: A Factorial Survey Approach"

Dissertation Committee: Lisa Broidy (Chair), Christopher Lyons, John Roberts, Maria Velez, Jacob Vigil

Peter Catron - MA

2011 Fall

Thesis Title: "NO SE PUEDE!: The Decline of Immigrant Unionization Through the Great Recession of 2008"

Thesis Committee: Andrew Schrank (Chair), Melissa Binder, John Roberts

Nancy Halbgewachs - PhD

2011 Fall

Dissertation Title: "Censorship and Holocaust Film in the Hollywood Studio System"

Dissertation Committee: George Huaco (Chair), Richard Coughlin, Susan Tiano, James Stone

Lynzie Rowland - MA

2011 Fall

Thesis Title: "The Influence of Women's Status on Economic Development: A Pooled Time Series Cross-Sectionl Analysis of 126 Countries, 1980-2005"

Thesis Committee: Susan Tiano (Chair), Aki Roberts, Wayne Santoro

Saundra Trujillo - MA

2011 Fall

Thesis Title: "Jail Incarceration and Violent Crime Rates: A cross-sectional exploratory analysis in Albuquerque, New Mexico"

Thesis Committee: Maria Velez (Chair), Christopher Lyons, Lisa Broidy