UNM Department of Sociology Mission Statement

The UNM Department of Sociology is committed to sociological excellence in research, teaching, and public service, pursued in socially responsible ways that reflect our commitments to:

  • scholarly excellence in the study of society, drawing on sociological theory and methods;
  • social inclusion within our departmental life of students, staff, and faculty from across the variety of divides that structure and fragment contemporary American life;
  • intellectual inclusion of diverse viewpoints that arise from developing academic knowledge and differing social backgrounds;
  • respectful but frank dialogue across viewpoints and sub disciplinary boundaries;
  • "public sociology" through which we address broad audiences through public comment, civic engagement, and contributions to public policy, drawing on our intellectual expertise demonstrated through peer-reviewed publishing.

Our work shapes the human science of sociology and addresses inequality and other social problems at the local, national, and international levels. Our faculty and students study social relationships, institutions, organizations, and social structures that shape the opportunities and experiences of individuals and communities in the United States, in New Mexico, and around the world. Our diverse faculty and students have multiple interests and areas of expertise, concentrated in four main specializations: crime, law, and social control; the sociology of health and medicine; and social movements. Other areas of emphasis include: gender, education, political sociology, religion, community-engaged research/public sociology, and science and knowledge.