Alejandro Tovar

PhD Student

Research Interests

Race and Ethnicity , Education , Latino/a Studies , Labor , Comparative Youth Studies , Immigration , Intersectionality Studies , Critical Race Theory , Latino Youth Outcomes

Research Statement:

Alejandro Tovar is from San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, México. Nine years ago, his mother decided to move to the United States searching for a better future. Alejandro Tovar’s family moved to a small town in the San Luis Valley, Center Colorado. He is a son of a farmworker. He had the opportunity to be part of the Migrant Education Program (MEP). The MEP experiences, together with the support of meaningful people in his life, helped him seek an education. He attended Adams State University as a scholar for the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP). CAMP provided Alejandro with the academic, social, and financial support to succeed in college, but also, the program became his family, providing him with a sense of belongingness and empowerment. He graduated with a B.A. in Sociology with an emphasis on Criminology and Social Work. Currently, Alejandro is part of the Department of Sociology at UNM pursuing his education because he knows that “Si se puede.”