Christopher J. Lyons


Photo: Christopher Lyons
SSCI 1074

Curriculum vitae


PhD, Sociology, University of Washington (2006)

Research Interests

Crime, Law, and Social Control, Race and Ethnicity, Deviance and Social Control

Urban and Community Sociology, Hate Crime

Research Statement:

I study violence and social control as powerful determinants of inequality. Two principal goals drive much of my work: 1) to better understand how social, economic, and political dimensions of structural racism shape ethno-racial disparities in community violence, and 2) to query the explicit or subtle ways that race and ethnicity structure the mobilization of socio-legal control.

Recent/Select Publications:

Christopher J Lyons, Noah Painter-Davis, and Drew Medaris. The Lynching Era and Contemporary Lethal Police Shootings in the SouthRace and Justice. Forthcoming.

Christopher J. Lyons, María B. Vélez, and Lauren J. Krivo. 2022. “The Dynamic Racial Structure and Disparities in Neighborhood Crime Change”. Social ProblemsRead here.

Lyons, Christopher J., María B. Vélez, and Wayne Santoro. 2013. “Immigration, Neighborhood Violence, and City Political Opportunities.”  American Sociological Review 78(4): 604-32.

María B. Vélez, Christopher J. Lyons, and Blake Boursaw. 2012. “Neighborhood Housing Investments and Violent Crime in Seattle: 1981-2007,” Criminology 50(4): 1025-56.

 Lyons, Christopher J. 2007. “Community (Dis)Organization and Racially Motivated Crime,” American Journal of Sociology 113(3): 815-63.

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Sociology of Deviance

Race, Class, and Crime

Drugs, Crime, and Social Control

Communities, Race, and Crime (graduate)

Crime, Law and Social Control (graduate)