Kiwoong Park

Assistant Professor

Photo: Kiwoong Park
SSCI 1068

Curriculum vitae


Ph.D., Sociology, University at Albany, State University of New York (2019)

Research Interests

Sociology of Health and Medicine , Quantitative Methods , Social Stratification

Life Course Perspective

Recent/Select Publications:

Park, Kiwoong. 2019. “Black-White Differences in the Relationship between Parental Income and Depression in Young Adulthood: The Different Roles of Family Support and College Enrollment among US Adolescents, ” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity 5(4): 578-594.

Yang, Tse-Chuan and Kiwoong Park*. 2019. Racial/ethnic Disparities in Depression: Investigating How the Sources of Support and Types of Integration Matter,” Social Science Research 82: 59-71.

Park, Kiwoong and Tse-Chuan Yang. 2017. “The Long-term Effects of Self-Esteem on Depression: The Roles of Alcohol and Substance Uses during Young Adulthood,” Sociological Quarterly 58(3): 429-446.

* Both authors contributed equally to the manuscript.


Sociological Data Analysis