November 2021 Department News and Publications

Departmental News

Posted: Nov 05, 2021 - 12:00am


 Alyssa Franklin successfully defended her MA paper entitled: The Gendered and Racialized Distribution of Care Work and its Health Impact, and earned “distinction” on the project. 


Graduate student, Natalie Fullenkamp, published an article in Social Science and Medicine, titled, "Playing Russian Roulette with Their Kids: Experts' Construction of Ignorance in the California and Ohio Measles Outbreaks."   

Jessica Goodkind and graduate student Neil Greene, along with their co-authors, published the following paper: Goodkind, Jessica, Julieta Ferrera, David Lardier, Julia M. Hess, and R. Neil Greene. 2021. “A Mixed Method Study of the Effects of Post-Migration Economic Stressors on the Mental Health of Recently Resettled Refugees.” Society and Mental Health. 

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Maricarmen Hernandez published an article in Poetics titled, Putting Out Fires: The Varying Temporalities of Disasters.” 

Ranita Ray and Georgiann Davis have a piece entitled "Cultural Competency as New Racism: Working as Intended?" forthcoming in the American Journal of Bioethics.

Graduate student, Davyd Setter, published an article in Mobilizations titled "Changes in Support for U.S. Black Movements, 1966-2016: From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter." Forthcoming December 2021. 

Public Engagement, Public-facing Scholarship, and News Coverage  

Georgiann Davis was an invited speaker at the White House Office of Public Engagement's virtual roundtable with Admiral Rachel Levine, Jen Klein, and other representatives from the Administration to commemorate Intersex Awareness Day and discuss the treatment of intersex people. (See press release.) 

Grants and Scholarships  

Lisa Broidy and Noah Painter-Davis received a grant from the Con Alma foundation for a project titled: Reducing Inequality: Community Based Diversion for Juveniles and Young-Adults, which they are conducting in partnership with the New Mexico Sentencing Commission, New Mexico’s First Judicial District’s DA’s office, the Santa Fe Prevention Alliance, and the Public Defender’s Office. 

Nancy Lopez received a 3 year, 1.5 million dollar grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a project titled: Employing and Intersectionality Framework in Revising Office of Management and Budget Standards for Collecting Race and Ethnicity Data.