December 2020 Faculty Publications and News Coverage

Departmental News

Posted: Dec 10, 2020 - 12:00am

Below is a list of department publications and news coverage for the month of December:

Goodkind, J., Ferrera, J., Lardier, D., Hess, J. M., & Greene, R. N. (2020). A Mixed-method Study of the Effects of Post-migration Economic Stressors on the Mental Health of Recently Resettled Refugees. Society and Mental Health.

Park, K. (2020). Does Relative Deprivation in School During Adolescence Get Under the Skin? A Causal Mediation Analysis from the Life Course Perspective. Soc Indic Res.

Wilson, Eli R. (2020). Review of Kids at Work by Emir Estrada. American Journal of Sociology 126(2): 475-476.

Eli Wilson was interviewed for a story for The Hill, on restaurant labor during COVID winter.  

Featured spotlight on Eli Wilson's restaurant research and upcoming book:

Rich Wood co-led a national virtual conference of scholars and teachers of community organizing, designed to brainstorm ways of teaching undergraduate courses that link social theory, scholarly research, and the practical skills of organizing in ways that help a rising generation of young leaders address the challenges facing American democracy. The 53 participants in the half-day conference included faculty from community colleges, public universities, religious seminaries, and elite universities, along with professional organizers from a variety of groups. They focused on how scholarly research and higher education can better lay the intellectual groundwork for reshaping democratic institutions in more anti-racist and egalitarian directions. Co-sponsored by the Taubman Center on American Politics and Policy (Brown University) and UNM’s Southwest Institute on Religion, Culture, and Society. More information about the conference can be found here. The agenda can be found here.