Summer 2024 Courses

SOCI 1110: Intro Sociology

It seems fitting to begin this course with a quote from “The Promise” by a famous sociologist, written in the early 1960s. It refers to changes which occur in a society and the effect of these changes on the individual. During this past 18 months we have certainly witnessed significant changes in our society, and C. Wright Mills’ “The Sociological Imagination” will provide insight to these changes and their effect on society and the individual.

This course will introduce students to the fundamental concepts and principles of sociology. Topics include the study of cultures, patterns of social values, social institutions, stratification, and social change.

1110- 001 | Torrez | Online | CRN 29955


SOCI 371: Sociological Theory

The study of how theory is constructed and applied by sociologists including traditions from 19th-century sociological founders and contemporary theoretical formulations.

*Prerequisite required: SOCI 1110: Intro Sociology

371-001 | Olson | Online | CRN 31396


SOCI 380: Intro to Research Methods

A survey of the major methods of social research: foundations of social research, research design, sampling and measurement, quantitative and qualitative research methods and data analysis.

*Prerequisite required: SOCI 1110: Intro Sociology

380-001 | Olson | Online | CRN 29956


SOCI 551: Problems

551-001 | Zerai | Arranged| 2nd half term CRN 30364