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Reuben (Jack) Thomas

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Stanford University 2009

Research Interests

Social Networks

Interpersonal Relationships , Homophily/Segregation

Research Statement:

I study interpersonal social networks, their origins, and how they are related to other social phenomena. My research to date has looked at how people meet their friends and romantic partners, how that affects the homogeneity of those relationships, how adolescent networks and affiliations influence the transition into adulthood, and how prehistoric social network changes may have led to the emergence of inherited inequality.

Recent/Select Publications:

McFarland, Daniel, James Moody, Jeff A. Smith, David Diehl and Reuben J. Thomas. 2014.  “Network Ecology and Adolescent Social Structure.” American Sociological Review. 79,6:1088-121.

Thomas, Reuben J. and Noah P. Mark. 2013. "Population Size, Network Density, and the Emergence of Inherited Inequality." Social Forces. 92,2:521-44.

Rosenfeld, Michael J. and Reuben J. Thomas. 2012. "Searching for a Mate: The Rise of the Internet as Social Intermediary." American Sociological Review. 77,4:523-47.

McFarland, Daniel A. and Reuben J. Thomas. 2006. "Bowling Young: How Youth Voluntary Associations Influence Adult Political Participation." American Sociological Review. 71,3:401-25.

England, Paula and Reuben J. Thomas. 2006. "The Decline of the Date and the Rise of the College Hook Up." in Arlene Skolnick (ed.) The Family in Transition. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.


Couples, Family & Friendship

Advanced Social Statistics I and II