Department New and Publications, January 2023

Departmental News

Posted: Feb 02, 2023 - 12:00am


Jessica Goodkind and graduate students Ryeora Choe and Yuka Doherty, along with their co-authors published a chapter titled “Explanatory Mechanisms for Disparities.” In the edited volume Research Handbook on Society and Mental Health. Read here. 


Jessica Goodkind and her co-authors, including Estela Guzman, Mario Chavez, and Diana Torres published an article in American Journal of Orthopsychiatry titled “Measuring Latinx/@ Immigrant Experiences: Adaptation of Discrimination and Historical Loss Scales.” Read here.


Jessica Goodkind and graduate student Ryeora Choe, published an article in and . Journal of Traumatic Stress titled “Geocultural Variation in Correlates of Psychological Distress among Refugees Resettled in the United States.”Read here.


Maricarmen Hernandez’s co-edited and co-authored book titled Portraits of Latin America is under contract at UT Press and should be out in the fall of this year.  


Nancy López and colleagues report titled “Observing Race & Ethnicity through a New Lens: An Exploratory Analysis of Different Approaches to Measuring "Street Race"” was published by the Urban Institute. It reports findings from the December 2021 Wellness & Basic Needs Survey (WBNS): Read here.


Visiting Scholar Raquel Z. Rivera co-authored a paper published in the journal Contraception titled “Challenges accessing contraceptive care and interest in over-the-counter oral contraceptive pill use among Black, Indigenous, and people of color: an online cross-sectional survey.” Read here.


Howard Waitzkin, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, is co-editing a series of pamphlets/manifestos on “Moving Beyond Capitalism – Now!” published by Daraja Press (Read here.) and Monthly Review Essays (Read here.).  


Howard Waitzkin and co-authors published an article in BMJ Open titled “How missing evidence-based medicine indicators can inform COVID-19 vaccine distribution policies,”Read here.; news release:Read here.. The People’s CDC ( is considering how these findings can improve policies linked to inequality, for instance, “vaccine apartheid.” 


Owen Whooley’s paper, "How Long Does Madness Take? Time and the Construction of Mental Illness in Community Mental Health Work" was accepted for publication in Social Problems. 

Research Funding

Jessica Goodkind and graduate student Ryeora Choe are part of a team that partnered with local community-based organization United Voices for Newcomer Rights on a recently funded grant proposal to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) for $4 million over 4 years. The grant will be used to bring together community and government partners to implement a multilevel strategy that will lead to improved mental health outcomes for Muslim and Afghan, African, and Arabic Newcomer youth and their families through systemic changes that increase access to and use of behavioral health services by making them more linguistically and culturally appropriate and equitable (in response to community violence that occurred from November 2021 to August 2022, during which time four Muslim men were murdered in Albuquerque). 


Sharon Erickson Nepstad has been invited to present her research at the Resistance to Human Rights Abuses and Mass Atrocities workshop sponsored by the Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She will also be giving an invited lecture to the Institute for Humane Studies workshop on Nonviolent Solutions to Political Violence. 

Public engagement, public-facing scholarship, and news coverage  


Nancy Lopez was quoted in an Axios article titled “US Government Considers Changing how it asks about Latinos’ Race”Read here.The story was also released in Spanish-Read here.


Other News 

Sharon Erickson Nepstad has joined the editorial board of the social movements journal Mobilization


Shoshana Handel graduated with an MA in History from UNM in December 2022.  


PhD student, Machienvee Lammey accepted a Research Associate position at TERC, a Cambridge, MA based nonprofit made up of teams of math and science education and research experts dedicated to innovation and creative problem solving. Machienvee will be working in Embodied Physics project, an NSF-funded study that explores the relationship between physics, learning, STEM engagement, and identity development of Black and Latinx youth. 


Noah Painter-Davis’ daughter Millie was born on January 2, 2023.