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2015 ASA Intersectionality Session Leaders

2015 ASA Intersectionality Session Leaders

Professors Lopez, Glenn, Crenshaw, and Weber; Intersectionality Theory and Praxis: Implications for Social Policy

Sociology Orientation Day Welcome

Sociology Orientation Day Welcome

L-R, Andrew Breidenbach, Yuka K. Doherty, Sam Torres, Alex MacLennan, Alena Kuhlemeier

Faculty-Graduate Student Co-Publications

Faculty-Graduate Student Co-Publications

Sociology of Health and Illness, Social Problems, Mobilization, Monthly Review, The Social Science Journal, and Research in Social Science and Disability

UNM Department of Sociology

Our Department is actively engaged in research and teaching, and maintains a strong commitment to diversity in our graduate and undergraduate education. Our mission is to advance the comprehension of society, and explain and analyze human relationships, social institutions, and the dynamics of social change. Our faculty engages major sociological issues of global, national, and regional significance.

The fascination of Sociology lies in the fact
that its perspective makes us see in a new light
the very world in which we have lived all our lives.
~ Peter Berger
An Invitation to Sociology
Sharon Nepstad

Letter from the Chair, Dr. Sharon Nepstad

Our department includes 21 full-time faculty members, approximately 50 graduate students, and approximately 1,000 undergraduate majors in Sociology and Criminology. Ours is a rich and diverse intellectual community. The interests of our faculty are wide ranging, from macrosocial comparative studies of globalization in different countries to qualitative research about gender and race interactions in schools to studies of crime patterns in urban neighborhoods.

Recent Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Broidy, Lisa and Wayne Santoro. Forthcoming. General Strain Theory and Racial Insurgency: Assessing the Role of Legitimate Coping. Justice Quarterly. 

Islam, Md. Jahirul, Lisa Broidy, Kathleen Baird, and Paul Mazerolle. Forthcoming. Intimate partner violence around the time of pregnancy and postpartum depression: The experience of women of Bangladesh. PLoS ONE 12 (5): e0176211.

Islam, Md. Jahirul, Lisa Broidy, Kathleen Baird, and Paul Mazerolle. 2017Exploring the associations between intimate partner violence victimization during pregnancy and delayed entry into prenatal care: Evidence from a population-based study in Bangladesh. Journal of Midwifery. 47: 43-52.

Broidy, Lisa and Elizabeth Cauffman. 2016. The Glueck Women: Using the past to assess and extend contemporary understandings of women's desistance from crime. Journal of Developmental and Life Course Criminology. DOI 10.1007/s40865-016-0048-z.

Wickes, Rebecca, Chester Britt, and Lisa Broidy. 2016. The resilience of neighborhood social processes: A case study of the 2011 Brisbane flood. Social Science Research. Online First: 

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Painter-Davis, Noah. 2015. Forthcoming. “Immigration Effects on Violence Contextualized: The Role of Immigrant Destination Type and Race/Ethnicity.” Sociological Perspectives.