Elizabeth Korver-Glenn

Assistant Professor

Photo: Elizabeth Korver-Glenn
SSCI 1058

Curriculum vitae


PhD, Sociology, Rice University (2017)

Research Interests

Race and Ethnicity

Urban and Community Sociology


Korver-Glenn, Elizabeth. Forthcoming. Race Brokers: Housing Markets and Segregation in 21st Century Urban America. Oxford University Press. 

Recent/Select Publications:

Howell, Junia and Elizabeth Korver-Glenn. 2020. “The Increasing Effect of Neighborhood Racial Composition on Home Values, 1980-2015.” Social Problems.

Korver-Glenn, Elizabeth, Sylvia Emmanuel, Mary E. Campbell, and Verna M. Keith. 2020. “Media Consumption and Racial Residential Preferences.” Social Science Quarterly. 

Elliott, James R., Elizabeth Korver-Glenn, and Dan Bolger. 2019. “The Successive Nature of City Parks: Making and Remaking Unequal Access Over Time.” City & Community 18(1):109-127.

Korver-Glenn, Elizabeth. 2018. “Compounding Inequalities: How Racial Stereotypes and Discrimination Accumulate Across the Stages of Housing Exchange,” American Sociological Review, 83(4): 627-656.

Korver-Glenn, Elizabeth. 2018. "Brokering Ties and Inequality: How White Real Estate Agents Recreate Advantage and Exclusion in Urban Housing Markets," Social Currents 5(4):350-368.


Race and Ethnicity

Sociological Theory