Christopher J. Lyons


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Associate Chair

SSCI 1074

Curriculum vitae


PhD, Sociology, University of Washington (2006)

Research Interests

Crime, Law, and Social Control , Race and Ethnicity , Deviance and Social Control

Urban and Community Sociology , Hate Crime

Research Statement:

I study violence and social control as powerful determinants of inequality. Two principal goals drive much of my work: 1) to better understand how social, economic, and political dimensions of structural racism shape ethno-racial disparities in community violence, and 2) to query the explicit or subtle ways that race and ethnicity structure the mobilization of socio-legal control.

Recent/Select Publications:

Krivo, Lauren J., María B. Vélez, Christopher J. Lyons, Jason B Phillips, and Elizabeth Sabbath*. 2018. “Race, Crime and the Changing Fortunes of Urban Neighborhoods (1993-2013),” The DuBois Review, 15(1):47-68.

María B. Vélez, Christopher J. Lyons, and Wayne Santoro. 2015. “The Political Context of the Percent of Black-Neighborhood violence link: A Multilevel Analysis,” Social Problems 62(1): 93-119.

Lyons, Christopher J., María B. Vélez, and Wayne Santoro. 2013. “Immigration, Neighborhood Violence, and City Political Opportunities.”  American Sociological Review 78(4): 604-32.

María B. Vélez, Christopher J. Lyons, and Blake Boursaw. 2012. “Neighborhood Housing Investments and Violent Crime in Seattle: 1981-2007,” Criminology 50(4): 1025-56.

 Lyons, Christopher J. 2007. “Community (Dis)Organization and Racially Motivated Crime,” American Journal of Sociology 113(3): 815-63.

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Sociology of Deviance

Race, Class, and Crime

Drugs, Crime, and Social Control

Communities, Race, and Crime (graduate)

Crime, Law and Social Control (graduate)