UNM Sociology Announces 2020 Undergraduate Award Winners

Award News

Posted: Sep 15, 2020 - 08:00am

McGee Undergraduate Paper Award Winners 2020*

 Empirical Paper Category:

  • Emily Ahrend – “A Comparative Analysis of the Identities, Cultures, and Potential Outcomes of Legal Organizations Involved in Social Movements”

Topical Paper Category:

  • Alyssa Holguin – “Media Analysis of Facebook”
  • Natalie Smead – “Disney’s Frozen II: Breaking from Traditional Sociological Theories of Gender”


*The Christopher A. McGee Essay Award Scholarship is an essay competition that is open to undergraduate sociology and criminology majors with a minimum of one or more semesters remaining until graduation. 

For more information on the award criteria and instructions, click here.

 Oscar and Judith B. Gandy Scholarship Winners 2020*

  •  Anahi Munoz    
  • Arwa Sabla        

*The Gandy Undergraduate Scholarship, established in honor of Oscar H. Gandy Jr., is a scholarship (up to $1000) awarded to a sociology or criminology major, with priority given to students who are first generation college students (e.g., no parent/guardian earned a BA/BS or other 4-year college degree or higher).

To see eligibility details and instructions for applying, go here.