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Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Recent Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Willits, Dale, Lisa Broidy, and Kristine Denman.  Forthcoming.  Schools, Neighborhood Risk Factors, and Crime.  Crime and Delinquency.

Botchkovar, Ekaterina and Lisa Broidy. Forthcoming.  Parenting, Self-Control, and Heavy Drinking in Russia.  International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.

Huyser, Kimberly R., Gabriel R. Sanchez*, and Edward D. Vargas*. 2016. “Civic Engagement and Political Participation among American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States.” Politics, Groups and Identities. (DOI:10.1080/21565503.2016.1148058).

López, Nancy. 2016. “Contextualizing Lived Race-Gender and the Racialized Gendered Social Determinants of Health, in Race and Ethnicity in Society: The Changing Landscape, Fourth Edition. Elizabeth Higginbotham and Margaret Andersen, coeditors, Plymouth, MA: Cengage Learning, estimated print date of October 2015. Reprint granted from Rutgers University Press for chapter from Mapping "Race": Critical Approaches to Health Disparities Research, Laura Gómez and Nancy López, editors, Piscataway, NJ; Rutgers University Press, pp. 179-211. Permission is requested for North America distribution, in print format and English language for 10,000 copies.

Painter-Davis, Noah. 2015. Forthcoming. “Immigration Effects on Violence Contextualized: The Role of Immigrant Destination Type and Race/Ethnicity.” Sociological Perspectives.

Sheehan, Connor M., Robert A. Hummer, Brenda L. Moore, Kimberly R. Huyser, and John S. Butler. 2015. “Duty, Honor, Country, Disparity: Race/Ethnic Differences in Self-Rated Health and Disability among Veterans.” Population Research and Policy Review. 34(6): 785-804. (DOI: 10.1007/s11113-015-9358-9).

Steffensmeier, Darrell, Casey T. Harris, and Noah Painter-Davis.  Forthcoming.  “Gender and Arrests for Larceny, Fraud, Forgery, Larceny, and Embezzlement: Conventional or Occupational Property Crime Offenders?” Journal of Criminal Justice

Jackson, Aubrey L. 2015. “State Contexts and the Criminalization of Marital Rape Across the United States.” Social Science Research. 51:290-306

2015.  Soller, Brian. "'I Did Not Do It My Way’: The Peer Content of Inauthentic Romantic Relationships," (Accepted for Publication in Sociological Perspectives)

Horwitz Ruth, Jennings, Jennifer, and Owen Whooley.  Forthcoming 2015.  “Medical Sociology,” in J. Manza, R. arum and L. Haney (eds.) The Sociology Project.  Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Pearson Higher Education.

Wood serves as co-editor of Cambridge University Press' book series Cambridge Studies in Social Theory, Religion, and Politics. His new book, A Shared Future: Faith-Based Organizing for Racial Equity and Ethical Democracy (a national survey and case study of the tensions between universalist and multiculturalist understandings of democracy co-authored with Brad R. Fulton) will be published in mid-2015 by the University of Chicago Press.  His current writing includes two chapters in Pentecostalism, Politics, and Political Culture: A Comparative Perspective, a forthcoming volume co-edited with Daniel Jordan Smith.

Santoro, Wayne A., and Max Fitzpatrick.  Forthcoming.  “’The Ballot or the Bullet’:  The Crisis of Victory and the Institutionalization and Racialization of the Civil Rights Movement.”  Mobilization 20(2) (June 2015 issue)

Santoro, Wayne A. Forthcoming.  “Was the Civil Rights Movement Successful?  Tracking and Understanding Black Views.”  Sociological Forum 30(S1) (June 2015 issue)

Bardhan, Soumia and Richard L. Wood. Wood. Forthcoming in 2015, “The Role of Technology and Culture in Civil Society Promotion in the Middle East: A Case Study Approach”. Digest of Middle Eastern Studies 24:1 (Spring 2015).

Browning, Christopher R. Brian Soller and Aubrey L. Jackson. 2015. "Neighborhoods and Adolescent Health-Risk Behavior: An Ecological Network Approach." Social Science and Medicine 125:163-172.

Huyser, Kimberly R., Spero M. Manson, Lonnie A. Nelson, Carolyn Noonan, Yvette Roubideaux, and the Special Diabetes Program for Indians Healthy Heart Demonstration Project. 2015. “Psychological Distress and Diabetes Management among American Indians and Alaska Natives.” Ethnicity and Disease. 25: 145-147. (PMID: 26118140)

Ulmer, Jeffrey T., Noah Painter-Davis, and Leigh Tinik.  Forthcoming.  “Disproportionate Imprisonment of Black and Hispanic Males:  Sentencing Discretion, Processing Outcomes, and Policy Structures.”  Justice Quarterly.

Goodkind, Jessica, Beverly Gorman, Julia M. Hess, Danielle P. Parker, and Richard L. Hough.  2015.  “Reconsidering Culturally Competent Approaches to American Indian Healing and Well-Being.”  Qualitative Health Research, 25(4), 486-499. doi:10.1177/1049732314551056

Vélez, María B., Christopher Lyons, and Wayne A. Santoro. 2015.  “The Political Context of the Percent Black-Neighborhood Violence Link: A Multilevel Analysis.” Social Problems doi: 10.1093/socpro/spu005.

López, Nancy. 2015. “An Invitation to a Dialogue About Establishing. Statewide Race, Gender, Class Data Policy Consortia,” American Sociological Association Sociology of Education Section Newsletter. Spring, 18(2):4.

Santoro, Wayne A., and Marian A. Azab.  Forthcoming.  “Arab American Protest in the Terror Decade:  Macro and Micro Level Response to Post-9/11 Repression.”  Social Problems 62(2) (May 2015 issue)

Barker, Kristin and Galardi, Tasha. 2015 "Diagnostic Domain Defense and the DSM-5:  The Case of Autism Spectrum Disorder." Social Problems 62(1), 120-140.

Bardhan, Soumia and Richard L. Wood. Forthcoming in 2015, “The Role of Technology and Culture in Civil Society Promotion in the Middle East: A Case Study Approach”. Digest of Middle Eastern Studies 24:1 (Spring 2015).

Harris, Casey, Jeff Gruenewald, and Noah Painter-Davis.  Forthcoming.  March, 2015.  “Hispanic Immigration and Black Violence at the Macro-Level:  Examining the Conditioning Effect of Victim Race/Ethnicity.”  Sociological Forum.

Vélez, María B., Christopher J. Lyons, and Wayne WayneSantoro.  2015.  “The Political Context of the Percent Black-Neighborhood Violence Link:  A Multilevel Analysis.”  Social Problems 62(1):93-119

Rodriguez, Clara, Nancy López & Grigoris Argeros. 2015. “Latinos and the Colorline,” Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, Robert A. Scott and Stephen Kosslyn, co-General Editors. Wiley Online Library, New York: Sage Publications March 2015. pp. 1-11.

Wood, Richard L. and Brad R. Fulton. 2015. A Shared Future: Faith-based organizing for racial equity and ethical democracy. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.

María B. Vélez, Christopher J. Lyons, and Wayne Santoro. 2015. “Black Political Opportunities and the Race-Violence Link: A Multilevel Analysis.” Social Problems (February)

An enthusiastic review was published of Mapping Race: Critical Approaches to Health Disparities Research by Laura E. Gómez; Nancy López. Review by: Osagie K. Obasogie, American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 120, No. 4 (January 2015), pp. 1234-1236

Nepstad, Sharon Erickson. Nonviolent Civil Resistance: Theories, Strategies, and Dynamics. Under contract with Oxford University Press.

2014.  Haynie, Dana L., Brian Soller, Nathan Doogan, and Christopher Bryce Keenan.  “Gender, friendship networks, and delinquency:  A dynamic network approach.”  R&R at Criminology.  (Published in Criminology)

López, Nancy. 2014. “What’s Your “Street Race-Gender”? Why We Need Separate Questions on Hispanic Origin and Race for the 2020 Census. RWJF Human Capital Blog. November 26, RWJF Blog,

McFarland, Daniel, James Moody, Jeff A. Smith, David Diehl and Reuben J. Thomas. 2014.  “Network Ecology and Adolescent Social Structure.” American Sociological Review. 79,6:1088-121.

Lyons, Christopher J. and Aki Roberts. 2014. “The Difference ‘Hate’ Makes in Clearing Crime: An Event History Analysis of Incident Characteristics.” Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice DOI: 10.1177/1043986214536663

Whooley, Owen.  2014.  “2014. “Nosological Reflections:  The Failure of DSM-5, the Emergence of RDoC, and the Decontextualization of Mental Distress,” Society and Mental Health, 4(2):92-110

Brian Soller, Aubrey L. Jackson and Christopher R. Browning. 2014. “Legal Cynicism and Parental Appraisals of Adolescent Violence." British Journal of Criminology 54:568–591.

Braunstein, Ruth, Brad Fulton, and Richard L. Wood. 2014. "The Role of Bridging Cultural Practices in Racially and Socioeconomically Diverse Civic Organizations." American Sociological Review 79 (4): 705-25.

Browning, Christopher R., Brian Soller, and Aubrey L. Jackson. 2014. “Neighborhoods and adolescent health risk behavior: An ecological network approach.” Forthcoming in Social Science & Medicine.

Hess, Julia M., Brian Isakson, Ann Githinji, Natalie Roche, Kathryn Vadnais, Danielle P. Parker, and Jessica Goodkind.  2014.  “Reducing Mental Health Disparities Through Transformative Learning:  A Social Change Model with Refugees and Students.”  Psychological Services, 11(3):  347-356. doi: 10.1037/a0035334

Soller, Brian, Aubrey L. Jackson, and Christopher R. Browning. 2014. “Neighborhood legal cynicism and parental assessments of adolescent violence.” British Journal of Criminology 54: 568–591.

Santoro, Wayne A., and Lisa Broidy.  2014.  “Gendered Rioting:  A General Strain Theoretical Approach.”  Social Forces 93(1):329-354

Huyser, Kimberly R., Jillian Medeiros Pérez2, Vickie Ybarra, 3 Julia Marin Hellwege, 4 and Lisa Sanchez.5 “Differential Influence of the Great Recession on Political Participation among Race and Ethnic Groups.”  Social Science Quarterly; (Date of Acceptance:  September 2014).

Browning, Christopher R. and Brian Soller. 2014. “Moving beyond neighborhood: Activity spaces and ecological networks.” Cityscape 16:165–196.

Wood, Richard L. 2014. "Advancing the Grounded Study of Religion & Society in Latin America" in Lived Citizenship and Lived Religion in Latin America’s Zones of Crisis, a special issue of the Latin American Research Review edited by Benjamin Junge, Jeffrey Rubin, & David Smilde.

Huyser, Kimberly R., Isao Takei, and Arthur Sakamoto. 2014. "Demographic Factors associated with Poverty among American Indians and Alaska Natives." Race and Social Problems 6(2):120-34. (DOI: 10.1007/s12552-013-9110-1).

Ragan, Daniel T.  2014.  Revisiting “what they think”:  Adolescent drinking and the importance of peer beliefs.  Criminology, 52(3), 488-513

Vélez, María B. and Christopher Lyons.  2014. “Making or Breaking Neighborhoods:  Public Social Control and the Political Economy of Urban Crime.” Criminology and Public Policy 13(2): 225-235.

María B. Vélez and Christopher J. Lyons. 2014. “Making or Breaking Neighborhoods:  Public Social Control and the Political Economy of Urban Crime.” Criminology and Public Policy 13(2): 225-235.

Haynie, Dana L., Brian Soller, and Kristi Williams. 2014. “Anticipating early fatality: Individual, peer, and school level fatality and adolescent risky behaviors.” Journal of Youth and Adolescence 43:175–192.

Ragan, Daniel T., D. Wayne Osgood, and Mark E. Feinberg.  2014.  Friends as a bridge to parental influence:  Implications for adolescent alcohol use.  Social Forces, 92(3), 1061-1085.