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Selina Rosa Gallo-Cruz

Visiting Scholar

(505) 277-2501

Research Interests

Sociology of Health and Medicine , Social Movements , Global/Transnational Sociology , Gender , Culture


    2012 PhD Sociology, Emory University
    2010 M.A. Sociology, Emory University
    2006 B.A., Sociology, Wellesley College. Cum Laude, Departmental Honors

    2013- Assistant Professor, College of the Holy Cross
    2012-2013 Visiting Assistant Professor, Emory University
    2012 Instructor, Agnes Scott College
    2012 Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

    Culture, Gender, Global Change, NGOs, Nonviolence, Methods, Social
    Movements, Social Theory

Journal Articles
    2014.  Gallo-Cruz, Selina. Forthcoming. “The Insufficient Imagery of Top Down, Bottom Up
            In Global Analysis.” Rutgers Journal of Sociology, Special Issue on “Knowledge in
     2012.  Gallo-Cruz, Selina.. “Organizing Global Nonviolence: The Growth and Spread of
            Nonviolent INGOs, 1948-2003” Research in Social Movements, Conflict, and Change,
            Volume 34 (December).
    2012.  Gallo-Cruz, Selina. “Negotiating the Lines of Contention: Counterframing and
            Boundary-work in the School of the Americas Debate” Sociological Forum 27 (1).
    2011.  Gallo-Cruz, Selina and Markella Rutherford. “Great Expectations: Legitimacy and
            Emotion among Out of Hospital Midwives” Social Theory and Health 9: 275-301.
    2009.  Markella Rutherford and Selina Gallo-Cruz. “Selling Birth: Rationalization,
            Reenchantment, and the Ideal of Natural Birth in Hospitals’ Marketing of Maternity
            Care,” in Susan M. Chambre and Melinda Goldner, eds., Advances in Medical Sociology,
            vol. 10. Bingly: Emareld.  Excerpts reprinted in pedagogical guide to software analysis,
            Chapter 8, “Buying birth:  consumption and the ideal of natural birth”, in Silvana
            DiGregorio and Judith Davidson, Qualitative Research Design for Software Users, New
York: Open University Press.

Book Chapters
    2013. Gallo-Cruz, Selina. “Cleansing Our Hands of the Dirty War: The Colombian
Domestication of Human Rights.” In Pertti Alasuutaari and Ali Qadir eds.,
National Policy Making: Domestication of Global Trends, Routledge.
    2011.  Boli, John, Selina Gallo-Cruz, and Matthew Mathias. “World Polity
            Theory,” in Robert A. Denemark, editor, The International Studies
            Compendium, Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

Other Publications
    2014.  Gallo-Cruz, Selina. “Creating Space for Women in India’s Ekta Parishad”
            Interview Blog Entry, Waging Nonviolence,
    2014.  Gallo-Cruz, Selina. Forthcoming  “Nonviolent Civil Disobedience”
Encyclopedia Entry for The Encyclopedia of Diversity and Social Justice, ed.
Sherwood Thompson, Rowman and Littlefield Inc.
    2011.  Gallo-Cruz, Selina. “Global Nonviolence.” In George Ritzer, ed., The Encyclopedia of
            Globalization. Oxford: Wiley Blackwell.
    2011.  Gallo-Cruz, Selina. “Emory Campus Arrests Galvanize University-wide Opposition to
            Labor Policies” News Report for Waging Nonviolence,
    2011.  Boli, John, Selina Gallo-Cruz, and Matthew Mathias. “World Polity Theory
    2009.  Gallo-Cruz, Selina. “Midwifery and Medicalization,” in Kimberly P. Brackett, ed,
            Battleground Families: Encyclopedia of Current Controversies in Families. Westport:
            Greenwood Publishing Group.

   2014.  National Science Foundation, “Mobility Strategies among Middle Class Latino
        Immigrants in  the New South”. $400,000. Co-Investigator with Irene Browne and Belisa
    2012 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Research Associate Fellow
    2011-2012 American Sociological Association Minority Dissertation Fellow, Sponsored by
 Sociologists for Women in Society
    2006-2011 Diversity Fellow, Graduate Department in Sociology, Emory University
    2009 Piedmont Fellow, Sustainability in Curriculum Development, Emory University
    2009 Emory European Studies Seminar Selected Fellow, Emory University (Declined)
    2006 Phi Beta Kappa, Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA
    2006 Alpha Kappa Delta Award for Distinction in Sociology, Wellesley College
    2006 Selected for Honors Thesis, Wellesley College
    2004 Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Academic Award