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Lisa Broidy


Photo: Lisa Broidy

Graduate Director

SSCI 1055

Curriculum vitae


Ph.D., Washington State University (1997)

Research Interests

Crime, Law, and Social Control , Gender , Criminology

Criminological Theory , Female Offending , Developmental Criminology , Collateral Consequences of Incarceration , Domestic Violence

Recent/Select Publications:

Broidy, Lisa and Wayne Santoro. 2017. "General Strain Theory and Racial Insurgency: Assessing the Role of Legitimate Coping," Justice Quarterly:1-28. doi: 10.1080/07418825.2017.1327610

Broidy, Lisa and Elizabeth Cauffman. 2017. "The Glueck Women: Using the Past to Assess and Extend Contemporary Understandings of Women's Desistance from Crime," Journal of Developmental and Life Course Criminology. 3:102-125.

Islam, Md. Jahirul, Lisa Broidy, Kathleen Baird, and Paul Mazerolle. 2017. "Intimate Partner Violence around the Time of Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression: The Experience of Women of Bangladesh," PLoS ONE 12 (5): e0176211.

Islam, Md. Jahirul, Lisa Broidy, Kathleen Baird, and Paul Mazerolle. 2017. "Exploring the Associations between Intimate Partner Violence Victimization during Pregnancy and Delayed Entry into Prenatal Care: Evidence from a Population-based Study in Bangladesh," Journal of Midwifery, 47: 43-52.

Broidy, Lisa, Anna Stewart, Carleen Thomspon, April Chrzanowski, Troy Allard and Susan Dennison.  2015. "Llife Course Offending Pathways Across Gender and Race/Ethnicity,"  Journal of Developmental and Life Course Criminology. 1: 118-149.


Causes of Crime

Developmental/Life Course Criminology

Social Control

Theories of Crime (graduate)