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Kristin Barker

Associate Professor

Photo: Kristin Barker
SSCI 1072

Curriculum vitae


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison (1993)

Research Interests

Sociology of Health and Medicine , Gender , Science and Knowledge

Recent/Select Publications:

Barker, Kristin and Cirila Estela Vasquez Guzman. 2016 "Pharmaceutical Direct-To-Consumer Advertising and U.S. Hispanic Patient-Consumers." Sociology of Health and Illness 38(1), Forthcoming.

Barker, Kristin and Galardi, Tasha. 2015 "Diagnostic Domain Defense and the DSM-5:  The Case of Autism Spectrum Disorder." Social Problems 62(1), 120-140.

Barker, Kristin. 2014 "Mindfulness Meditation: Do-It-Yourself Medicalization of Every Moment." Social Science & Medicine 106: 168-176.

Barker, Kristin. 2011 "Dead by 50: Lay Expertise and Breast Cancer Screening." Social Science & Medicine 72: 1351-1358 (with Tasha Galardi)

Barker, Kristin. 2010 "The Social Construction of Illness: Key Insights and Policy Implications." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 51(S):67-79 (with Peter Conrad).

Barker, Kristin. 2008 "Electronic Support Groups, Patient-Consumers, and Medicalization: The Case of Contested Illness." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 49(1):20-36.

Barker, Kristin. 2005 The Fibromyalgia Story: Medical Authority and Women's Worlds of Pain. Temple University Press.

Barker, Kristin. 2002 “Self-Help Literature and the Making of an Illness Identity: The Case of Fibromyalgia Syndrome.” Social Problems 49(3): 279-300.