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Aubrey L. Jackson

Assistant Professor


PhD, Sociology, The Ohio State University (2013)

Research Interests

Crime, Law, and Social Control , Sociology of Health and Medicine , Gender , Political Sociology

Urban and Community Sociology

Recent/Select Publications:

Soller, Brian and Aubrey L. Jackson. 2018. “Girls’ Self-Efficacy in the Context of Neighborhood Gender Stratification,” Social Science Researchh 72:100-114.

Jackson, Aubrey L., Brian Soller and Christopher R. Browning. 2017. “The Attenuating Influence of Women's Relative Neighborhood Resources on the Association Between Observed Behavioral Cues and Perceptions of Social Disorder,” City & Community 16(2):189-208.

Browning, Christopher R., Catherine A. Calder, Brian Soller, Aubrey L. Jackson, and Jonathan Dirlam*. 2017. “Ecological Networks and Neighborhood Social Organization,” American Journal of Sociology 122(6):1939-88.

Soller, Brian, Aubrey L. Jackson and Erin R. Coleman*. 2017. “Violent Peers and Street Efficacy in Legally-Cynical Neighborhoods,” Social Currents 4(2):156-174.

Jackson, Aubrey L. 2016. “The Combined Effect of Women’s Neighborhood Resources and Collective Efficacy on IPV,” Journal of Marriage and Family 78(4):890-907.

Denotes graduate student coauthor


Crime, Public Policy, and the Criminal Justice System

Sociology of Law

Politics of Crime and Punishment (graduate)